The Effect Censorship has on Art Essay

The Effect Censorship has on Art Essay

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Though out history artist have rejected any forms of censorship. Governments have had to enforce censorship laws for the sake of public safety. As well, as to maintain control of society and to uphold the moral and ethical values that the populous demands. Whether you are for or against censorship in art, it serves a useful purpose in moderation, but it can be taken to extremes. Whether it’s a fascist government or a extremist religious organization it is easy for a controversial law to be twisted in order to grab and maintain absolute power over the masses. We as a people need structure and laws but we need our freedom to express ourselves. Lean one way or the other too far and society can potentially fall apart.
The Effect Censorship has on Art
Censorship has a long history when it comes to art. Artists have always viewed censorship as a hindrance stiffening their creativity and as a means for control that can be asserted over that which should not be controlled. The Government on the other hand has viewed censorship as an unavoidable evil to protect the public and maintain order and morality. Whether you are for or against censorship in art, it serves a useful purpose in moderation, but it can be taken to extremes.
As an Artist trying to express your individual vision, you would not want someone telling you how to or not to go about doing that. It would be easy to sympathize with their feelings of resentment for the loss of creative freedom. The true artist creates for him or herself first, and then hopes that their vision is shared and accepted by the public. An artist must eat, therefore making a living as an artist is a bonus. A lot of artist bend their vision to what they think will capture the public’s eye...

... middle of paper ... are continuously trying to lobby our elected officials to one side or the other.
In conclusion, censorship is a necessary part of our society. However, we must never forget that the freedom of speech and expression are rights we all enjoy and is part of what makes our country great. If we rely on government imposed censorship or religious values to dictate how much censorship is needed to protect us. Then we may lose these rights and not even know it happened until it is too late.

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