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Cystic fibrosis

Lifetime treatment

70,000 worldwide


1 in 3,000 live births

Gastroschisis Operable
1-5 per 10,000 live births

Down syndrome (Trisomy21)


1 in 700-900

PatauSyndrome (Trisomy13)

Very limited life rate

1 in 10,000
Edwards' Syndrome (Trisomy18 Newborns have a 40% chance of surviving to age 1 month. Infants have a 5% chance of surviving to age 1 year. Children have a 1% chance of surviving to age 10 years.
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1 in 6,000
Survival, and Recurrence Risk
Parental Concerns

Parental concerns are mostly essential in Edwards’s syndrome. They need counselling regarding their family relationships. But the children and parents need more psychological support especially for mother, because mother is the sufferer of Edward syndrome babies.


Role of Health Care Professionals:

The evolving management of children without medical intervention may dependent on strategies and need to be implemented for neo natal babies. Most of conditions have no treatment but some cases they need to prolong the treatment time. But in some cases the parents need to be encouraged by healthcare professionals the trend has been implemented by largely physician-directed model of medical decision making to a collaborative model, which mean respect to the parent’s decision by making health care decisions for their children’s effective medical treatment .In these approach mostly goal directed to quality treatment and effective decisions made by the health care professionals and parents. Inclusion of pregnancies that are prenatally diagnosed is critical for ...

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