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Edward Wood vs William Castle Essay

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If there were one thing that filmmakers William Castle and Edward D. “Ed” Wood, Jr. had in common, is that both were at the forefront of 1950s low-budget, B-movie filmmaking where independent studios assigned small budget to filmmakers to create B-movies and release them widely in order to gain higher profit returns during release. Both directors enjoyed their creative freedom with their limited budgets and both of their movies showed passion and energy in their scenes that many “A” film struggle to encapsulate in scenes of their own. However, that’s where the similarities end. Wood was an inept filmmaker, cursed with the passion for making movies but lacking the talent to do so, whereas Castle had extensive experience in the past and used them both during production and promoting his films, becoming a charming “showman” of sorts for his own movies. This “showman” persona was the main inspiration and basis for Joe Dante’s “Matinee”, where John Goodman portrayed a Castle-esque showman who would pull off every trick in the book just to get people to watch his any-budget movies, even if it means capitalizing on them during one of the most tension-filled periods in United States history. Though the film is fiction, Castle did indeed do some outrageous marketing stunts to promote his (mostly) low-budget shockers, even up until near the end of his career during his sole attempt into the A-game – producing the Roman Polanski chiller “Rosemary’s Baby”. Castle couldn’t even resist and took advantage of the paranoia between Catholic beliefs at the time when marketing the movie.
Of course, this was considered mild by Castle’s usual marketing gimmicks which rightfully earned him the moniker “The King of Gimmicks” . His “showmanship” stemmed ...

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