Essay on Educators Should Try to Reform the Culture

Essay on Educators Should Try to Reform the Culture

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I believe that educators should try to reform the culture because knowledge is never complete but an ongoing search. If one does not seek to change then they might be stuck with an old idea that is no longer relevant. At one point it was believed that the earth was the center of the universe or the earth was flat. It was also once believed that women did not have the brain power to own properties or vote but we learn differently. My teachers in primary school did not know that children have different learning styles and not all children learn at the same pace and so their lessons were one size fits all. It would be an injustice to learner to pass on such practice. Educators should not get complacent with what they know but should seek to improve or change if see fit.
There is no denying that there are some people who are considered gifted in certain areas and it is because of that gift why they are better at certain things than others. Not all teachers are dedicated and Erasmus recognized that some of his teachers were less than worthy of teaching. Even though he was dissat...

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