Educational Technology Into The Developing 21st Century Essay

Educational Technology Into The Developing 21st Century Essay

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In order for an educator to develop meaningful instructional programs and curriculum in order to incorporate technology into education, goals ought to be set in place in order to direct the outcomes of curriculum development and teaching. Goals go far beyond everyday teaching objectives, goals are directed towards long-term learning and programmatic outcomes (John, 2009). In order to grow in the realm of education it is important to stay current with developing technologies and to acknowledge the skills necessary to implement technology into the profession of education. Performance standards measure how much of the content the learner is proficient at. As a learner myself, taking classes to further my knowledge in technology required me to set goal throughout the duration of the program. For educational technology standards to be the most effective it is important to recognize a comprehensive set of goals that encourage a technology integrated education (John, 2009). The introduction of educational technology into the developing 21st century is multidimensional and requires many basic issues to be recognized and addressed. In this paper we’ll look closely at the four focus areas, while reflecting on what has been accomplished during the duration of the program, and setting goals for what I’d like to achieve.

Focus Area #1: Technology Operations and Concepts

As a student in the 21st century, I have been able to develop technical skills through the use of various tools, software, programs, applications, hardware and workshops. I’ve learned to use program such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook in order to successfully create projects and communicate with instructors. Sources made available to me such as the Inte...

... middle of paper ...

...oach is incorporating tablets into the classroom in replacement of textbooks the efficacy of any particular set of education materials will become accurately measurable for each student. All educators are leaders in technology in their own right. There is a great number of resources for training, certification and assessment now made available in all of the skills and knowledge categories required for integrating technology.

Choose a new technology each month in order to stay current with emerging technologies.
Whether your campus has only one laptop per teacher or a class set of tablets, there are masses of educational technology tools to explore. Setting goals both long and short term will allow me as an educator to determine which content is relevant to what is being taught and find technologies that fit the needs of myself and the students above all.

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