Educational Success Of School Age Children Essay

Educational Success Of School Age Children Essay

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It has been long recognised that students of disadvantage upbringings struggle to attain the educational success of their wealthier peers. Constant inflation in cost of living, along with household incomes seemingly in decline this past decade has seen an estimated 23 percent or 4.9 million (ABS, 2012) people now being considered to live in low SES families. Fourteen percent of school age children are currently being raised by unemployed parents, with as many as one in six children considered to be directly affected by poverty (Ewing, 2014, pp.75-77). These statistics suggest that at present five hundred and sixty thousand students are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to education (Ewing, 2014, p.75). Now take in to consideration Ewing’s (2014) suggestion that seventy percent of the variation in students schooling outcome is pre-determined by their social status (Ewing, 2014). This indicates a major problem for these disadvantaged children. Education is strongly advocated as the pathway to providing children with greater life opportunities, unfortunately inequalities in the accessibility to resources and quality education is a key contributor to the continuation of poverty (Marginson, n.d, p.2). Children raised in poverty commonly underachieve because they can struggle with high expenses that may be associated with educational activities and resources (Weale, 2014). Making things worse these children often have inadequate clothing, limited stock of healthy food and reduced access to basic health services, further separating them from their wealthier peers (Gorski, 2013, p.49). Keep this in mind when planning and preparing homework, many children may not have access to computers. Setting tasks that do not require electroni...

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...s. Therefore effecting the way they approach or treat students from low SES households (Strauss, 2013). For an immense majority of lower class/working class parents these claims couldn’t be further from the truth (Strauss, 2013). There is no denying the relationship between family engagement and academic achievement, the problem is schools merely focus on in school participation of families. Whilst you may notice less in school involvement from low SES parents, they often show a greater home based learning contribution than parents of higher classes (Strauss, 2013). For teachers to become equity literate educators, it is necessary to reject any preconceived stereotypes that hamper gaining a clearer understanding of the less fortunate. Get to know each student and their families properly, take each family on their merits not by what society tells one to think of them.

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