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With using Axia’s Educational Resources, downloading materials for use on a machine or portable devices are made easy. The ability to download materials makes it convenient for users to save and use them at a later time. This gives the use the ability to have the material on their computer versus having to research the information again and again when it needs to be used. If the user decides to put them on a portable device, its then able to be carried anywhere they go. Also available from Axia’s educational resources is the tutorial to navigate around the university library. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to move throughout the library to find exactly what is needed for any subject. It is very easy to find out where the information is located so that it can be used any time. Identifying key information is important when doing any type of research. Axia’s Educational resources make it easy to identify information from the key search by using keywords within the search engine. Realizing the key information that matches exactly what it is being searched for is easy to do when the searches return with summaries of what is in the articles. Therefore, identifying key information within any article is less hectic than it would normally be.
At Axia understanding academic honesty is made easy with the academic honesty policy. The academic honesty policy allows the students to read exactly what Axia considers academic honesty. Academic honesty is considered any use of plagiarism and cheating from another student. The consequences of plagiarism are a zero on the required assignment for the first offense, probation for the second offense, loss of credits for the course on the third offense. There are many ways to avoid plagiarism. Making time to research what is being written, avoid using someone else’s work, citing references if someone else’s work has to be used, and rephrasing the information to reflect the writer’s own style of writing.
Identifying long and short-term goals are important for educational and career purposes. It is important for a person to realize what their goals are in order to achieve their utmost best. Goals are important for a person’s life. They allow the person to make plans and work toward making a better life for themselves. Goals can be achieved through obstacles by staying focused. Focusing on goals that have been made is important for any future success.

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- With using Axia’s Educational Resources, downloading materials for use on a machine or portable devices are made easy. The ability to download materials makes it convenient for users to save and use them at a later time. This gives the use the ability to have the material on their computer versus having to research the information again and again when it needs to be used. If the user decides to put them on a portable device, its then able to be carried anywhere they go. Also available from Axia’s educational resources is the tutorial to navigate around the university library....   [tags: Education Learning Tools]

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Another way to reach goals is to make sure they are reasonable. Someone cannot make a goal by saying they plan on making a million dollars within a year. That would not be a reasonable goal to reach. However, someone making a goal to remodel their living room within a month’s time would be reasonable. The project could take a month to achieve the goal or it could take less than a month. Whatever the time range is, make sure it can be achieved with time and is reasonable. An Axia degree can relate to goals because you are given a specific time limit in which to complete the degree program. It is all planned out in a scheduled time frame in order for people to create smaller goals to work through. Axia has a specially designed curriculum that the students are required to work through in order to earn a degree. In this way, students are able to create educational goals that will progress into what they want their career goals to be.
Managing time wisely is the key to success with anything that needs to be done or achieved in life. As a student at Axia College, I have learned how to prioritize my time between my courses. By scheduling time for my studies and my personal life, I have constructed a way to make sure that everything gets done within my allotted time frame. Balancing time is important for everyone. When there are more than just a few things that need to be done within a single day’s time, it is crucial to prioritize everything by importance. Some form of time management needs to be used to give time to the different areas of a person’s life. Going to school, working, and taking care of family responsibilities can put many pressures on a person if his/her time is not managed properly. That is why it is so important to create a schedule to go by. Although, there will be certain occasions that arise when the schedule will need to be deviated. Emergencies or unforeseen complications arise when they are least expected. This is why it is always important for a person not to stretch themselves to thin. Prioritizing their daily tasks can help solve this problem. Making sure the most important tasks are taken care of first plays a major part when problems occur. Avoiding time wasters is also important to remember when more important things have to be completed. Time wastes such as television, lounging around the house, or even browsing the internet should be done when a person has plenty of his/her own free time.
Reading comprehension techniques are very useful to people in their education and their careers. There are a variety of techniques used to help different people understand what they are reading. People with an open mind are able to retain more from their reading because it allows them to get emotionally involved. Being emotionally involved in what is being read is always a key to keep the concentration level high to retain more information. Another technique used is to avoid distractions as much as possible. Avoiding distractions will allow the reader to gain a better understand of the information being read. Broadening of a person’s vocabulary will also help. This will cut down on any unnecessary time spent trying to figure out what a specific word means. SQ3R is used as a way to skim a book faster and gather more efficient information. It allows a person to go through the chapters and pick out important information needed for a certain task. Asking questions before reading a book helps you to find what you are looking for as you read. It gives you the ability to pinpoint the exact information that is needed by the reader. Also the review of the questions has a way of highlighting the important factors of the chapters that were read.
I have found that I can use my personality type to help others. I am an organizer and very dependable when it comes to completing something. In being an organizer, it can be very useful and effective with a distance learning course. Organizers are able to help other people when they need help understanding something. They can always come up with new ideas on how to remember information and can suggest things to the group others would not normally think of. In developing multiple intelligences, they are several techniques which can be used for the different intelligences. I have a very high musical intelligence which I use on a daily basis. I listen to music while I study to help me remember and understand things better. That is a commonly used technique that people with the musical intelligence use. I can also use the other techniques I have found to help me develop my skills. I can relate to other personality types by helping others to develop their own musical intelligence. I can also learn from other people to develop my other intelligences by using techniques they suggest.
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