Educational Problems of Minorities Essay

Educational Problems of Minorities Essay

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According to Obgu the educational problems of minorities are assumed that have asserted that the problems are genetic, that minorities do not have the type of IQ or "intelligence" required to do good schoolwork. Others have attributed the absence of appropriate IQ for school success to inadequate home environment and early socialization. Studies generally have concluded that the minority lag in education is due to their lower socioeconomic status. Some claim that minority educational problems are the cultural and language differences and conflicts. They have argued that minority children are more or less forced to receive their education in a learning environment that is culturally or linguistically different from what they are use to. It has been reported that minority children have difficulty acquiring the content and style of learning that is required to master the curriculum materials and teaching methods used in school. Some prerequisites for understanding why some minority students do well in school because minorities are classified into three types: autonomous, immigrant, and involuntary or castelike. Autonomous minorities such as the Jews and the Mormons in the United States are minorities primarily in a numerical sense. They are victims of prejudice and pillory but not of stratification. They sometimes have a cultural frame of reference which shows and encourages academic success. Immigrant minorities are people who have moved more or less voluntarily from their land of origin to another society because they believed that such a move would result in improved economic well-being, better overall opportunities, and/or greater political freedom. These immigrants usually experience initial problems of adjustment in s...

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... experience, academic achievements, cognitive development, academic expectations, and responses to intervention programs. Exploring how families with limited material resources succeeded in creating a better future for their children highlights the importance of the nonmaterial resources of a family. These resources include families’ habits, priorities, belief systems, and lifestyle. The family resilience approach focuses on the ability to withstand and rebound from adversity and builds on the growing interest in research on individual resilience. Studies of family resilience have shown that low SES families can rise above their disadvantages and escape the poverty trap. Orthner et al. (2004) concluded that children of poor families could demonstrate an “ability to achieve academically and social-psychologically despite the lack of economic resources in their homes.

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