Educational Presentations For Otc Safety Essay

Educational Presentations For Otc Safety Essay

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Outreach is relevant to the community and patients. First, doing activities like screenings or educational presentations creates a bond between the community and ONU. Patients are able to better understand the role of pharmacists and student pharmacists. At outreach activities, volunteers are easily approachable when it comes to questions, so this will allow the patient to have personal encounters with us and should build the trust between the community and pharmacists or pharmacy interns. Next, patients are able to gain valuable knowledge. Through blood pressure or blood glucose screenings, patients are able to easily find out what their numbers are, figure out what they mean, and know what steps to take next. During educational presentations like for OTC safety, patients learn very valuable pieces of information that they otherwise might not have known. For outreach opportunities involving administering influenza immunizations, patients can take preventative measures to avoid catching the flu.
An area where I feel that I excel in when it comes to patient care is showing genuine empathy and care to patients. I have always had a desire to help people in any way I can, and this is very beneficial when it comes to listening to patient concerns and doing what I can to help. When I am working, I am always sure to keep my focus on the customer. I maintain appropriate eye contact, make sure to listen to patient concerns, and make certain that they get the answers that they need. An area in which I feel I can improve on is effectively communicating to the patient information in a way that they can clearly understand. I would like to build confidence in communicating what I know to patients and make sure that they leave understanding co...

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...hen providing care. For example, many patients may not be able to speak English very well. In cases like these, I will learn that drawings may be helpful in explaining information. It is important to keep people’s cultures and background in mind when providing care, and I will definitely keep this in mind in my future career as a pharmacist. Next, doing outreach activities will allow me to explore different work settings. These events can be held in a variety of settings like hospitals, community pharmacies, and schools. Being exposed to these different work environments will help me decide what type of place I want to work in when I graduate. Lastly, doing outreach activities will allow me to communicate with a lot of different people and learn about their experiences and how they want to improve their health. This will give me a greater sense of empathy for others.

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