Essay on Educational Preparation for Nurses

Essay on Educational Preparation for Nurses

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In today’s world there is a high demand for well qualified nurses. In the healthcare setting the nursing staff can range anywhere from a Certified Nursing Assistant to a Nurse Practitioner. What once was an acceptable level of education for nurses, is no more. Even now there is a nationwide push for nurses to be educated at the baccalaureate level or higher. So the question is, what is the best educational preparation for nurses entering the world of healthcare today? The opinion in this paper is that the baccalaureate level is the best preparation for nurses entering the healthcare field.
A study was done that compared the education levels of nurses who worked in a hospital surgical setting and the number of deaths of patients in that hospital. The study found that there was a correlation between the education level of the nurses and the number of deaths. The study also found that hospitals who had more nurses that were educated at the baccalaureate level or higher, had fewer surgical patients that died and lower failure-to-rescue rates. This article shows that earning anything less than a bachelor’s degree in nursing is not preparing nurses for the situations that they will encounter. The article also discussed how increases in the amount of nurses with a bachelor’s degree in nursing decreased deaths significantly. Because of studies like these, there is no doubt that there is a nationwide push for nurses to receive higher education. Receiving higher education is potentially saving a patient’s life (Aiken, 2014).
Another study was done which involved nurses in Australia. They interviewed nurses from many different areas of Australia and who worked in many different healthcare settings. The interviewers asked the nurses wha...

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In Conclusion, because there is a high demand for well qualified nurses, there is a nationwide push for nurses to get their bachelors in nursing. This will soon be the minimal requirement for nurses in the healthcare field due to the broad scope of medical practice that they are prepared for. The amount of nursing education that is required now in hospitals and other healthcare settings will be changing in the future. Nurses who have a BSN are preferred by employers over those who do not have a BSN. The baccalaureate is the best educational preparation for nurses who are entering healthcare field. There is evidence that supports the fact that nurses who have a BSN save more lives overall than those who do not have a BSN. Earning a bachelors in nursing should be the nationwide requirement for nurses in today’s society due to the ever changing nursing field.

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