Educational Practices in Finland, Canada, and China Essay

Educational Practices in Finland, Canada, and China Essay

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In this paper, it will be looking at the culture and education practices of Finland, Canada, and China. Education varies from country to country as well as does one's culture, lifestyle of the people who live there. In doing so will review their culture and the role of their education policies that are used to motivate schools and teachers to improve student learning along with how their culture plays into learning. Furthermore, children should be taught with respect to their culture. However, we can also learn from one another. In addition, we have similar and different educational practices from one another. Such as when it comes to the Finnish, Canadians, to the Chinese as, we all learn in different environments because of our culture. Furthermore, and most importantly, thus educational practices vary from culture to culture. For instance, these counties are considered some of the best when it comes to education, Finland, Canada, China and it is because of their educational practices along with their culture government.
Recently, Finland is considered one of the best when it comes to education and how they have come to teach their children. Finland, is located in Northern Europe and main religion, is that of Evangelical Lutheran. In Finland their government is called a republic and their main language is Finnish. When it comes to how to act the Finnish people are very modest and will often downplay being praised, as they are modest people. When it comes to how one should behave the Finnish culture believes that you should always act in a proper and courteous manner as it is the most important to never to be disrespectful. They believe in talking in moderate tones and do nothing that would call attention, as this wa...

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