Educational Plan for a Health Care Administration Degree Essay

Educational Plan for a Health Care Administration Degree Essay

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This paper will examine different forms of cognitive strategies and the courses required to obtain a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Administration. The paper has three levels and each level deals with a different subject. The first level talks about cognitive strategies. The second level deals with the course work involved to obtain a degree in the field. The third level deals with the human side of the equation.
Health Care Administration Degree Plan
This introduction to our paper is to give the reader a snap shot of the work that goes into obtaining a degree in Health Care Administration. With the use of cognitive strategies and applying the theories behind those strategies, a student will be able to master all the courses required to obtain a degree. Many cognitive strategies can benefit the student if applied. The first level of this paper will go through some of the cognitive strategies available. This level will also identify how to use each strategy.
The second level will identify the courses required to obtain a degree in health care administration. This level will also look at how different cognitive strategies would benefit the student in the learning process as it relates to the degree program. Three main cognitive strategies will be identified as relating to the specific degree plan.
The third and final level of this paper will look at the human side of this topic. This will include hopes and dreams. From those hopes and dreams, goals and determination arise. What is learned because of the continuing education being applied to everyday life. Students will need to find the educational learning process that best suits them. Most of all, each student will need to ...

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