Essay about The Educational Pendulum

Essay about The Educational Pendulum

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One of the responsibilities of educators is to prepare students to be equitable participates in a society that is constantly changing. Educational leaders are responsible for ensuring educational practices support the current trends to ensure students are prepared for today’s world demands. The implementation of change results in a swing of the educational pendulum. The swing of the pendulum is unavoidable due to the changing demands of society. The focus must be placed on establishing an effective plan in preparation for the changes without compromising the standards of the teaching profession.
The Educational Pendulum
A change in education is motivated by dissatisfaction of current practices. A common trend described as a swinging pendulum. The pendulum swings towards or away from an educational trends or subject matter. Former practices and strategies are renamed and presented as new. From whole-class, teacher-directed instruction (lecturing) under The No Child Left Behind Act to returning to experiential, inductive, hands –on learning recommended under Common Core Standards, the educational trends over years come full circle. Each swing of the pendulum represents a change of ideas, curriculum, educational materials, and what is in the best interest of students.
It’s Time to Make a Change
The current pendulum paradigm of the educational system has proven to be ineffective and is long overdue for an innovative change. It is evident, the current education paradigm has produced students who have been trained to memorize skills and concepts but are unable to apply or demonstrate an understanding (Blase, Blase, & Phillips, 2010; Ely, Ainley, & Pearce,
2013). Teachers are not facilitators of learning they have becom...

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..., use of instructional strategies, how assessment will be incorporated to drive instruction and monitor learning, and the effective use of assessment tools.
The futures of the children rest in the decisions made by educational leaders and educators. The educational pendulum will continue to swing, as it should, to ensure instruction is current and relevant to the demands of society. The current paradigm of teachers being forced to instruct using carbon copied instructional practices, strategies and method of assessment must be changed. Being receptive to their teachers’ purposeful selection and implementation of various pedagogical approaches to promote learning and upholding high expectations for all stakeholders that align with those of the teaching profession; educational leaders can cause a positive shift to the educational paradigm.

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