Educational Literature, Financial Scam, or Both? Essay

Educational Literature, Financial Scam, or Both? Essay

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Pirates are the subject of vast western romanticism, scalawags famous for committing foul misdeeds, yet who unite in brotherhood and revel in the frivolity that is pure freedom. Unsurprisingly, with such social intrigue come media representations that further draw individual interests as has been seen through movies like The Pirates of the Caribbean film series as well as young students who seek basic knowledge through the written word. As a child, there are many novelettes created by a variety of authors and companies to provide basic scholarly background information concerning a variety of subjects. However, these authors and companies must take close care not to lose sight of academic honesty by means of rushing to mass produce a variety of books on a large variety of subjects, as is clearly exemplified by the works of the Mikazuki Publishing House.
The book under present criticism is Living the Pirate Code: The World’s Greatest Pirates. Curiously enough, no particular author is mentioned on the book, merely the publisher—Mikazuki Publishing House. The book is very new, published July 21, 2013, yet offers no new information to academia concerning the life of individual pirates or any aspect of the pirate experience. The novel seems to be a short work merely for the purpose of educating, as it provides basic information to those who know little to nothing about pirates whatsoever. The novel begins merely with exact codes of conduct for four different crews including: Captain Bartholomew Roberts, George Lowther, John Phillips, and Henry Morgan. Following this information, which includes no commentary by the author, are synopses of ancient piracy, particularly famous pirate captains, modern piracy, and a few chapters of transcri...

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