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In Education, teachers recently have had little opportunity to take on leadership roles. These opportunities have been limited to traditional ones such as becoming a principal or ones clearly defined in a specific school setting like a literacy coach. All stakeholders including the principal, administration, and teacher politics involved within the school district and in each school’s culture have also played a role in leaving talented teachers in the classroom and not in front of the class leading educational reform. Two challenges that are limiting some teachers from taking on these leadership roles are an unsupportive school culture and not having a clearly defined plan of what a teacher leader should do to lead from the classroom and not the front office.
In looking at the Leadership Capacity of School Survey, our school does well in how we use information to shape best practice. Most of the scores were high. We have the time set aside for professional learning communities to collaborate about new learning and best practice. This learning comes from data collected from student achievement in reading and math. This leads to the optimal levels of learning and teaching for our students. And, this professional development would be stronger with the addition studying current research to keep us as up to date as possible. Also, we are able support our students’ learning to make new plans for them to succeed through ongoing conversation and questioning. Also, the next phase of this dialogue should center on what happens when a student fails to meet certain expectations.
On the other hand, the first challenge is having a school culture that is not encouraging. The below area illustrates where we require the most improv...

... middle of paper ... the right questions to lead back to the common goal. These are two ways we can measure our success or use these to improve our ideas. I believe it takes time. I don’t know if everyone will buy in especially to a different way of approaching leadership. However, I believe to educate and empower others about new opportunities as leaders will make a better school culture. They can be a coach in technology, curriculum, or other areas.
In Education, change must take place. One change is more teachers taking on new leadership roles not necessarily as a principal, but as a curriculum expert. Now is the time to be leaders in our schools, at the district level, at our AEAs, or in the Department of Education. We can change the view of all stakeholders that teachers are leaders not only in the classroom, but in new opportunities we are discovering at this time.

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