Essay about Educational Experience At Ryerson University

Essay about Educational Experience At Ryerson University

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Educational Experience. My path to McGill University took a slight detour in the beginning; I started with a Bachelor degree in Political Science at Ryerson University. My advisor and one of my professors commended my success in the program and shared his observations on my liberal and social justice perspectives and suggested that I explore direct social work (this is also when I learnt the difference between direct and in-direct social work). As a political analyse, he proposed that social workers were being sought after in policy development and that he saw that I would succeed in this field and directed me toward his colleague who has a Master’s degree in Social Work. The process in Ontario to become a social worker is long and it took me a couple months of weighing options and investigating the opportunities a social work degree would avail to me. At last, I came to the decision that combining political science with social work was my comfort area and started the long path through a two-year diploma at Humber College, followed by the 3-year degree at McGill with a minor in political science (it is a 4 year degree in Ontario), to be continued at York University with a MSW focused on international social work taken concurrently with a certificate in refugees and forced migration studies. While my epiphany on Mount Sinai awakened a yearning to be at service to humanity in a more front line way it was my time at McGill that helped me to zone in on how to be of service.
Throughout my time at McGill the topics that have caught my attention the most have been centred on international social work, trauma and stressor-related disorders (which I learnt more about in the Mental Health and Illness and International Social Work courses...

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...equality, marginalization, and oppression at a structural level by using structural understandings of social problems” (Mattsson, 2014, p.8), this is also related to the World System theory that demonstrates how poverty is not individualistic but caused by a broader system that has been put in place to concentrate power into the hands of a few resulting in poverty that leads to strains on social services (and tax payers). (Palumbo-Liu et al., 2011). Which is also related to Mattsson’s view on the affects globalization has on economic standardization (Mattsson, 2014). I believe that by understanding why and how social issues exist and how intersectionality (gender, sexuality, class, and race) play into power imbalances that are embedded in social issues (Mattsson, 2014) we are better prepared to defend human rights and liberate individuals from government dependency.

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