Essay Educational Attainment : Is It A Waste Of Tax Payer 's Money?

Essay Educational Attainment : Is It A Waste Of Tax Payer 's Money?

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Is Educational attainment important in helping prisoner re-integration into society or is it a waste of tax payer’s money?

This essay is going to be arguing that educational attainment is important in helping prisoners re-integrate into society, also that it is not a waste of tax payer’s money to have prisoner reform. The essay is also going to be analysing the cost of a prisoner being educated and released, compared to a prisoner that is not re-educated and released. some other areas of prison reform are also going to be examined such as the vicious cycle, reasons prisons will not embrace prisoner education and how quality of life is enhanced with learning.

Despite the large portion of people supporting prisoner reform there are still people who disagree with the practice. Some of the most common arguments these people make are usually to do with the fact that education is seen as a privilege that reflecting prisoners should not have access to; Prisoners are supposed to be in jail to repose and reflect on the negative actions/broken laws to become a better part of society once released. another rebuttal commonly used is that it ends up costing tax payer’s money in the long run, to have inmates re-educated at a collage level. Although this is true there are often more expenditures that have a larger impact on the person’s finances that go unnoticed. Despite these arguments having enough merit on their own, a small number of people also say that educating these ex-criminals will make them better at committing crimes once they are released. this argument is seen as redundant though, as it has been shown that “Only 40 per cent of prisoners have the sufficient literacy and numeracy skills they needed to cope independently in the ...

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...have a major effect on recidivism rates. The money saved in programs like this is not only extensive but could also be used to further hinder prison retention rates and provide a less daunting experience for the incarcerated. Mental health and physical health of inmates would drastically improve if countries were to look at the evidence and embrace the changes instead of benefiting of people suffering. It is recommended that most prisons should accept educational attainment as a form of reform and implement courses as such. Another recommendation would to further research into why people do become recidivists instead of putting extensive amounts of money into expanding prisoners. More research is crucial to success when venturing into areas unknown to regular citizens. As said by Alexander Graham bell “Before Anything else, preparation is the key to success” (2016).

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