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Educational and Psychological Assessment Essay

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Educational and Psychological Assessment of Exceptional Students
1. Functional Assessment of Behavior (FAB)
Functional Assessment of Behavior (FAB) is a method of identifying the variables associated with the occurrence of a behavior. It involves noting down the events that either precede or follow the behavior and the environment or setting that the behavior occurs regularly. FAB has been used by individuals as a problem solving method to help people with chronic behavior problems. It is built on the assumption that the individual repeats the behavior for a purpose thus, the purpose is identified and the person helped to achieve the same purpose in more appropriate way (Miller, 2011). The purpose of FAB is to develop an intervention that serves the purpose of a student but through a positive behavior.
Behavior Intervention Plan
Behavior Intervention Plan (BAP) is designed for a child to enable him or her learn to change behavior. BIP takes the observations noted in FAB and turns them into a plan of action for managing an individual behavior. It may involve ways to change behavior through changing the environment that encourages the behavior. The purpose of BIP is to support plans to increase the acquisition and use of a positive alternative behavior thus, decreasing the problem and facilitating improvement in the quality of life of the individual. The student performance or behavior data is collected continuously from the teacher or psychologist who deals with the child.

2. Members of a School Support Team (SST)
The School Support Team (SST) has membership drawn from the parent or guardian, classroom teacher, school psychologist, school social worker, and the guidance counselor expert amongst other members.

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This is where the student is presented with a statement and is supposed to either agree with the statement by ticking/writing true or disagree by ticking/writing false. The advantage of this method is that it is easy to administer especially to a large group. The disadvantage is that it promotes guess work when the student does not know the exact answer.

This is the type of a test where the student is presented with a topic to discuss on it. The student is supposed to use a wide variety of knowledge and recall facts. The advantage is that it is easy to construct while the disadvantage is that it is difficult to administer especially to a large group because of marking.

Reference List
Miller M. Joan, (2011). Conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment. What’s all the Hype?
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