Educational Achievements And Discoveries Of Maria Montessori Essay

Educational Achievements And Discoveries Of Maria Montessori Essay

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Maria Montessori was the first female doctor in Italy. Her background in science guided her discoveries of children in Rome. It was these discoveries that led her to creating a method that would impact many students. The Montessori method in the United State has had in impact on US education. The story of its humble beginnings to its rise of influence supports just how impactful it has been in the United States.
In the United State the Montessori method was spreading quickly. The 1910 article in the McClure Magazine praised Maria Montessori for her efforts in educational achievements and discoveries. It was this article that aided the advancement of the Montessori method. The first to become trained was Anne George. In October of 1911 Anne Gorge began the first Montessori School in America. This school was in Terryton, New York in an upper-class family home, with 12 students.
In April of 1912 Maria Montessori’s work, The Montessori Method, was translated from Italian to English. This allowed for Americans to have access to the information about the method they had heard about. Later in 1912 Alexander Graham Bell’s grandchildren benefitted from having a classroom set up for them. Roberta Fletcher tuaght the children. An article written by Barbara Thayer-Bacon says, (2012) by spring 1913 it was clear there was enough interest in Washington, DC to set up a private Montessori school. That same year Mrs. Bell formed the Montessori Educational Association, which included on its board Margaret Woodrow Wilson, the President’s daughter. By the end of 1913 there were nearly 100 Montessori schools in America and the system of education was well-known enough to be the subject of controversy. (pg.8) Late in 1913 Maria Montessori was inv...

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...ACE has had lead initiatives that support the changes in educational choices.

Although there has been so many changes to the style of teaching in the United States, the longevity of the basic Montessori method remains. Many of the benefits offered by the Montessori curriculum are being used by many public preschool programs today. These include individualized instruction, integrated curriculum and active learning. Furthermore the increase in available public Montessori school has increased tremendously over the year. The Montessori method has had slow, yet impactful effect on the educational reform in the United States.

The Montessori method has had to face many challenges on its road to influence. Though through the test of time the method has remained and now more than ever has a great impact on the educational system in the United States.


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