Education: The Roles of a Principal Essay

Education: The Roles of a Principal Essay

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Schools, Teaching, and Supervision
In schools everyday are many people influencing and taking the important role in education and supervision. In these roles are collaborating, teachers, principal, students, and educational supervisors, all these are the main basics of this process (Annan & Ryba, 2013). In an immediate setting, with a more encompass culture is guide by educators, principals, and other staff that supports the student’s success in a daily basis. In any school the culture is really important, but could be hard to establish and maintain (Moccozet, et al., 2009). In establishing a successful school it is pertain that all the staff have the knowledge about the different styles while leading, the main three are congenial, collegial, and conventional (Glickman, et al., 2010). Every school is classify by the leadership style and the decisions that are made, the instruction, the interactions with the stakeholders, or how the administration is done. Furthermore, will be analyze the supervision styles, the culture and the platform that will be follow.
Supervision Style
In the role of a principal are many factors that influence the style in the administration of a school. These factors can be the vision and goal, communication, teamwork, collaboration among all stakeholders (Glickman, et al., 2010). In education, are encounter different philosophies that are determine by the school system (Moccozet, et al., 2009). These philosophies drive the mission and vision of a school, that varies from school to school and some of this schools incorporate the philosophies as part of their mission. The philosophies of education that are present in the chosen school are existentialism, and experimentalism (Glickman, et al., 2010...

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