Education The Effect Of The Cold War On The American Education System Essay examples

Education The Effect Of The Cold War On The American Education System Essay examples

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Education in the United States circa the Cold War has focused so much on mathematics and science so that the scientists, engineers, and physicists could keep up with their counterparts in the Soviet Union. Spencer Gregg, a historian and author of “Crisis in Education—The Effect of the Cold War on the American Education System” states, “Motivated by a national fervor to demonstrate superiority and dominance over Soviet counterparts, the U.S. government intervened and invested in curriculum development, expansion of math and science programs…” (2). The United States never seemed to alter their mantra, and ironically, the United States has fallen behind in education because their students are no longer well rounded. Students need to have an understanding of history so that they can have the wonderful sense of pride and accomplishment one experiences when a subject happens to touch upon something from another class. According to Gregg, American’s were sick of fighting wars and wanted to win the cold war by advancing in technology, science, and math (2). Striving for excellence is what America must now strive toward, instead of hammering home the coefficient of friction and how to find the area of a curve. High school administration should treat history with the same level of importance that science and mathematics receive because it will help students understand mathematics and science in its historical context, overall create well rounded students, and increase the wages of people seeking jobs with history degrees.
First and foremost, one must agree that mathematics and history are very closely related. In order to fully and properly understand many aspects of mathematics, one must have a knowledge of history. René Descartes touch...

... middle of paper ...

... with (261). We need to teach kids the art of thinking instead of filling their head with content.
In closing, it is important to notice that history is not just a class that should be treated as dispensable, because if you do away with history, then there really is not too much to go off of. At all. There is no calculus, no analytical geometry, physics, astronomy, or physiology. Seixas later states that popular culture and media can be the influence for children instead of teachers (262). This is why teachers need to teach instead of letting videos and interactive activities feed children revisionism. History is imperative for all high schoolers, and it needs to be taught with the same rigor that mathematics and sciences are taught and it begins in the schools and classrooms and with school administration taking a stand by speaking out against Washington bigwigs.

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