Education Technologies And Curriculum And Instruction Essay

Education Technologies And Curriculum And Instruction Essay

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Education Technologies
The most important factors that a school should consider before using particular modern technologies in curriculum and instruction are the affordances it allows. Such as, replacing textbooks with iBook laptops would have financial and educational benefits by saving money, eliminating costs incurred from maintaining textbooks throughout the school year and providing the opportunity for students to access the internet. This would open the lines of communication between teachers, students and parents. It would also allow students to interact with each other and create innovative aspects in curriculum to challenge and modernize educators and instruction. These are important factors because education is the future generation’s goal. If the technology is not more modern than our time, we have already fallen behind and are failing to provide every student an equal opportunity to learn for their future. Even with the imperativeness education technologies must modernize, there are opponents who claim too much is changing too fast. There are also those who have further concern that students will be overwhelmed and distracted by the vast content available on the Web. Even so, the advancements in education technologies offer many more affordances than disadvantages.
Although, the modernization of education technologies is a positive thing, those who oppose it think too many things are happening too fast. For instance, Source C states, “even as we live longer, we think shorter. For a variety of reasons, everything is happening much faster, and more things are happening. Change is constant.” This is absolutely why education must not just keep up with the times; it must surpass it and be as innovative as an edu...

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...t aspect because students have the ability to see what their peers are doing and parents and educators are able stay informed and involved with a student’s current status. All of these achievements are progress. It is so important to keep progress evolving and keep education technologies modernizing.
Technology in education has advantages that help educate children efficiently. Even though, there are opponents who have concerns that too much is happening, too fast, and that children’s attention spans are too short already, many proponents believe introducing electronics to students will enhance their desire to participate and excel, along with allowing easier access for parents and educators to be involved and stay up to date. These benefits alone are reason enough to move forward and modernize technologies in education for all students, teachers and schools.

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