Education Systems And Developing Countries Essay

Education Systems And Developing Countries Essay

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Education systems in developing countries can be improved, but it would take a
significant amount of work to do so. Reform is needed, and has been needed for many
years, but the realization that is failed is what exactly needs to change in order for the
education systems to be improved. In order to enhance and improve the quality of a
child’s education, the educator must be sure the students are engaging in activities while
still focusing on their studies. “…teachers shift the format of learning from time to time,
by providing students with various interactive activities with other students” (Townsend
et al. 297). In developing countries, this may be difficult for some teachers to do.
Interactivity may not be possible if the class size is not big enough, or if student
attendance is very low. Children who are malnourished may not be able to participate in
activities and games with their classmates either. Some children may have not had a meal
by time they arrive at school, and are too tired and weak to run around with their peers.
Thus, interactivity may not always be a problem solver for schools in developing
All children are at various levels in school and some students’ abilities are greater
than others. While some students may be excelling, some may feel left behind
academically. Another solution to improving the quality of education would be to provide
tutoring or extra assistance to the children who seem to be falling behind. “The

Beard 2
occasional individual help they receive is all the more effective” (Williams 175). When a
student is given more help from their teacher, they are more likely to succeed because
they were given one on one attention and guidance from their educator. “To minimize the
chance of frust...

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... than their own. “The act of
cooperating around the Internet amplifies reading comprehension” (Togorvnick). The
Internet is filled with words; gaining access to the World Wide Web could cause
significant reform in education systems in the developing world.
Increased funding and access to technology might not necessarily improve the
quality of a child’s education in the developing world. To have either, the countries must
come up with large amounts of money. If developed countries like the United States or
United Kingdom were generous enough to send millions to these countries a year, they
might have enough to do so. However, it may never be the case because of our own debt.
Much money and supplies are donated to these countries, but eventually the money will
run out if it cannot be invested into something that will create profit. Hence, this solution
might never work.

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