The Education System Suffered From Discrimination Essay

The Education System Suffered From Discrimination Essay

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“Snap, the sound of my heart shattering as I saw the research paper I put my soul into was handed back”. My mind couldn’t contemplate the splatters of failure I was witnessing. How could I have failed such a massive assignment? I spent months of effort improving every factor in my research paper for English. My blood felt as it was boiling in a desire to scream words of profanity at the man who didn’t even look at it and just put a flat out fail. When I first met this teacher thought he was just a tough critic, but is it something more? This teacher is failing every brown skinned student in the class. Has are educational system suffered from discrimination, because other teachers have talked about him at the teacher’s lounge about his last employment of how he got fired for insulting a student with slang.
I worked hard for my high school diploma at first as a way to escape the escape the hardships of the world, then later in hope to achieve a degree in computer engineering. Every step I took I faced a tougher challenge, first it was the ability to work with others, now it is the teacher of my English class in my senior year. Joy Resmovits, a senior education reporter, explained the discrimination in the educational system when she got information from the Education Department of Civil Rights. (Resmovits). They replied with “Unfortunately too many children don’t have fully licensed teachers, as he had been proven by the data.”(Resmovits). At that age I never asked my teacher how far they reached on their curriculum, but it felt like his first year with his lack of experience for dealing with the common high schooler. What indulged me to think it was discrimination was how “he lacked no excitement or energy”. (Rose)
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...just thought it was best to tell her than to deal with my problem head on all by myself. The next day I completely regret this decision apparently my mother went straight to his office the next day and almost blew up like a nuke on him with rage. He of course tried to convince her that I was lying. My mother threatened that she’ll get him fired. The time I reached my class he looked at me as if he wanted to kill me. He told me to my surprise to come to his desk and bring my research paper. He snatched it out of my hands and said “you’re lucky you have all these people around or I would have punched you in the face. I’ll give you back this paper tomorrow.” Before the end of class I was called to the principal’s office. The principal wanted to apologize for my English teacher’s actions and that he will be formally punished for his discrimination towards other students.

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