The Education System Should Mandate Ethnic Studies Classes Into All High School Curriculums

The Education System Should Mandate Ethnic Studies Classes Into All High School Curriculums

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I remember when I was in high school; I encountered a gruesome experience. A young girl was being beat and thrown into a trashcan by two boys and one girl. I hysterically ran to her aid and told the group of people to stop. Minutes later, security arrived and the victim was picked up and driven away. Two days later, our high school principle scheduled a mandatory auditorium student meeting. He said, that the young girl was beaten and bullied because she identified as a homosexual. I couldn’t believe it! I was embarrassed and ashamed that these students did not have any sense of morality. Is our educational system lacking the knowledge that students are constantly being abused and bullied due to sexual orientations, ethnicity and culture? Perhaps not, although this memory lies behind, and it’s a story of the past, it’s time to educate students and put a stop to such hateful crimes. For this purpose, I strongly believe our educational system should mandate ethnic studies classes into all high school curriculums prior to graduation.
Ethnic studies are interdisciplinary courses that train students to be able to understand ethnicity, gender and sexual differences, different from our societal view. These courses also teach the suppressed and distorted histories, but most importantly it’s an academic freedom to social justice. High school students from all over the United States are constantly being harassed and abused because they don’t look, act or talk accordingly to the idolized America identity frame. A regional source reported, “A total of 15.8% of students reported cyber bullying and 25.5% reported bullying in the past 12 months” (Schneider and others 2012) .1 Do students have to commit suicide or hurt themselves to prove that o...

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... forming riots over curriculums that teach them about their roots? I strongly believe ethnic studies curriculums are extremely important because they teach identity, morality and can decrease rebellion and hateful actions.
Harassment and bullying are hateful actions that lack morality. Self-identity and learning about others should be a priority in high school educational systems. We no longer need discrimination, violence, nor suicide, but ethnic studies courses still remains completely absent in K-12 public educational systems across our nation. I highly encourage and believe that change is needed. We live in a country where our pledge of allegiance states, “A nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” but how is that so, if our educational systems still fail to incorporate ethnic studies programs? So you tell me, what do you think?

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