The Education System Of The West Provides Excellent Resources And Quality Education

The Education System Of The West Provides Excellent Resources And Quality Education

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The education system in the west provides excellent resources and quality education for a variety of

programs. My desire to go abroad for higher studies was primarily enkindled since I was in a school and

became very entrench in establishing my career in information technology and explore the technical

world of computers. The main motive behind going abroad for my masters is the advancement in various

technological fields. Universities abroad provide globally recognized courses, with unmatched research

facilities, thereby enabling students to make the most of their potentialities. Universities in the United

States not only offer a plethora of choices in courses, but also allow for a great amount of flexibility. All

this has made the United States a dream destination for a student.

I come from Ahmedabad in the State of Gujarat, India. My father is businessman and my mother is house

wife. Many of my family members are from engineering and medical background. My parents always

lay a great magnitude on education. Since I was a child when I first took an admission in first grade of

my school, my father made a great effort looking after my studies. He tutored me till I completed my 8th

grade. He always gave an education a prime importance than any other field and this has shaped my mind

to focus myself more on studies than any other activities. I did my 10 years of schooling from Sarvoday

Vidhyamandir School, Bapunagar and a 2 year of schooling from Shreeji Vidhyalay, Bapunagar a well-
known convent schools of the city.

My interest developed in the field of computers since the day my uncle bought me a P4 computer 10

years ago. Ever since, I have remained fascinated with computers, and have completed my Bachelor’s


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...ffer the world’s best education from the best university

of USA. I believe that Western Countries have already developed, they have got successful and dynamic

brains and have successfully implemented the latest of technology in IT world and there are no needs for

more technicians. India is still developing and government is investing lots of money after IT

infrastructure as the economies of any country rely on the development and research in IT sector. Today,

organizations in India are looking for practical hands and high qualifications, they are coming with lots

of job offers and high pay schemes for those people who has got the real practical knowledge and

education and I am sure enough to become one among those who they look for, once I would have a

qualities to make a pragmatic approach to my technical field and education from this prestigious


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