The Education System Of Afghanistan Essay

The Education System Of Afghanistan Essay

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Education in Afghanistan did not start as a formal system. Originally children were educated privately. Their learning took place in religious locations, in homes and regal courts (Zoy, 2009, p. 18). In 1923, the first Afghan Constitution was created. At this time, education was recognized as the right of all Afghan nationals. However, the growth and development of the education system by the Afghan government really started in 1950s-60s. The government was attempting to build a national identity through education. Political ideology was promoted throughout the education system and textbooks.
“In 2002, Afghanistan launched a campaign called, “Back to School” (Trani, Jean-Francois, Bakhshi, P. and Nandipati, A., 2012, p. 346). Article 43 of the Afghan Constitution and Article 4 of the Education Law state that a free education is to be provided for all Afghan children (Miriam D., Sletmo, E., Hauschild, Alexander T., Tahir, M. Rafique, 2009, pg. 16). The 2004 Constitution guaranteed all children equal right to access quality education. Afghanistan’s Education Law, adopted in 2008, reaffirmed that all children have an equal right to access quality education (Miriam et al., 2009, pg. 9).

The political and economic issues that effect special education
Afghanistan is going through political reform and social and economic changes which will have a profound impact on their future. Afghanistan has a long history of conflict. Over the past 20 years, the capital city of Kabul has seen some of the most violent fighting. For years, the education system has been manipulated for political purposes. Many parts of Afghanistan are still affected by conflict and war. “Threats from insurgents have resulted in the closing of more ...

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...uitable educational system has been slow in Afghanistan. Children, who are affected by conflict and political strife, are the ones most likely to be deprived of adequate education. The Afghan government has not been very successful in providing an equal education for all children. A large number of children still do not have access to education. Children with disabilities have very few opportunities. They remain excluded from the education system (Miriam et al., 2009, p. 7). The need for education is greater than the existing and available resources (Zoy, 2009, p. 11). Lack of security and social injustice; lack of physical accessibility; inadequate resources; parents’ low expectations; negative attitudes; socio- cultural barriers; are all reasons that are preventing children with disabilities from having access to, attending and completing their education.

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