The Education System Is Not Be Within A Classroom Setting Essay

The Education System Is Not Be Within A Classroom Setting Essay

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In today’s educational system, subjects such as ethics and multiculturalism are usually optional and are not enforced into the regular or basic curriculum. They are more electives and may even be restricted to extracurricular activities. In Yo-Yo Ma’s “Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education” he argues the importance of the arts and empathetic thinking within education. Additionally, within Graeme Wood’s “Is College Doomed?”, he praises the accomplishments of the new and innovative online-based university Minerva that has campus locations all over the world. The job of the educational system is not to educate non-academic concepts and ethics because such things are personal and developed individually throughout life.
College is a place of academic advancement, and although ethics can be developed in a college setting, it should not be within a classroom setting. “One way of discovering the world is by digging deeply into its traditions” (Ma 260). In this phrase is supporting his argument of the importance of art and culture in the educational process. He expresses how such thinking can be developed through actually being in the culture or physically delving within the atmosphere. “...and students will use city parks and recreation centers , as well as other local cultural resources, for their extracurricular activities” (Wood 508). Wood explains how since the students of Minerva live all around the world as a requirement of the school, they have to delve into the culture in order to receive their development of multiculturalism and even to develop their own sense of ethics. Minerva doesn’t require their students to take such type of classes. However by putting them in a setting that encourages discovery and allows th...

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...can be absorbed in these experiences, the student should be encourages to get involved as much as they can outside the classroom and what they absorb can then be utilized within the classroom to aid in critical thinking. This will create a well-rounded student without focusing on teaching them to be well-rounded.
Critical thinking and empathetic thinking can very well be used together in order to have a better educational process. The sparse diversity of colleges and universities will only increase because of the more global connections that are being established around the world. Even if it might not be in a classroom setting, students of the future will find themselves being more open minded with their new experiences and the diverse networking they will be exposed to. By doing so technology and global advances will skyrocket in creativity and innovation.

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