The Education System For Students Essay

The Education System For Students Essay

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Again, everyone does not learn the same way. Some students are visual learners and others are hands on learners and some may be both, it just depends on the student. You just have to take time, as a teacher, to learn your students learning style and keep those in mind as you plan your lessons. With this being said, the education system may be in trouble today, but that does not mean that students are not learning anything. They are still learning, but just not a lot of book sense. Students today are more interested and focused on learning “street smarts”, as my mother would say. They are quick to get a job at 16, purchase a cellphone, laptop, car, and a fashionable clothing line. All of which, may be important now, but will not help them to be successful adults. Students are so focused on getting rich quick that they do not understand the value of money. They need to go to school to learn how to read, write, and learn the value of money and how to count it. If they do not go for anything else, they should go to obtain these skills and knowledge. Most students will not lear...

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