Education: Standardize Creativity Essay

Education: Standardize Creativity Essay

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Most people go through the same or similar paths throughout their high school careers. They sit in a room full of 30 or so other kids all bored out of their minds trying to listen up for when the next test will be. All the while they’re “paying attention to the teacher” they also tend to look up to the clock on a minute by minute basis excitedly waiting for either lunch or the end of the day. When either of those events happen they’ll end up leaving the classroom like a stampeding herd of cattle trying not to be the last person left in class. Then comes the test that they’ve been working on for the past week or so, and find out that they hadn’t retained nearly as much as they had thought originally. Children cannot thrive in a boring environment that won’t engage them enough to pay attention. The current process of education is not conducive to properly educate the masses, because of its lack of creativity.
The current course of action that education takes results in a student being able to perform at least adequately on standardized tests. Students are taught with the belief that they are mindless beings that need to sit at a desk, listen, take notes, and then regurgitate the information. Contrary to that way of thinking humans, especially young students, are always thinking, and producing their own thoughts and ideas. This way of teaching seems to have evolved from the industrial age when the assembly line was first evented, because throughout a student’s high school experience everything that is done is carefully planned out in a specific order. The process is almost dehumanized to the point that someone already knows exactly how his or her day will pan out before it even is completed.
Teachers normally have to teach 30 or more...

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...g that is helping to keep them engaged it will, just as forcefully, push the student to abandon their education.
By not allowing for creativity within education, the institution itself is severely handicapping the potential of the students. Leaving knowledge unlearned allows for a gap within a student’s education that perhaps may be important later on in one’s life. Also by continuing to standardize tests it will incline teachers to focus solely on making their students do well on the test, but completely ignore whether if they actually understand the material. While letting the current education regime to exist as it does today sets a precedent that makes it a norm to drop out of high school. Finally after understanding the flaws of the current system will we finally be able to create a new approach to teaching the children of tomorrow, and breed a brighter future.

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