Education Reform : The State Of The Nation 's Attention, It 's Never A Good Sign

Education Reform : The State Of The Nation 's Attention, It 's Never A Good Sign

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Typically, when Indiana captures the nation’s attention, it’s never a good sign. And this is doubly true for Indiana’s decade-long education reform process. The state government continues to pass legislation impacting education; in fact, Hoosiers are hard-pressed to recall a single school year that wasn’t affected by some new education law. However, the effects of these reforms often go unreported, and even though Hoosiers are aware that the laws are changing the way education works in the state, the individual ways in which reforms impact schools are largely obscured. This is part of the problem. Because we cannot recognize or predict the repercussions of education policy change, we are uninformed when we vote and become ignorantly complicit in reform efforts that, thus far, have been shown to be negatively affecting education across the state. And there is only one solution -- rather than letting the state educate us about education, we must educate ourselves. This starts by critically examining individual reforms and the issues that have arisen with each one.

So what are said “reforms?” Well, the sheer number of individual reforms could easily fill the S Encyclopedia with enough left over for a good-sized appendix at the back. However, many of the individual reforms and laws that the State has passed can be classified under larger reforms, umbrella terms, each representing a multitude of bills being cycled through the State House, being voted on, stalled, thrown out, re-submitted, and eventually passed. It would be nearly impossible to explore every big reform in-depth in an article this size, but some key reforms include Standardized Testing, Teacher Evaluations, and Education Funding.

Standardized Testing has increased ten...

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...le to aid in resolving budget problems and instead, must wait while their legislators debate issue further, regardless of how decreased state funding is affecting their schools.

Therein, lie only a few of the issues plaguing Indiana Education. Legislators debate them on a regular basis and propose solutions only slightly less regularly, although very few of the new laws and reforms have done much to alleviate the problems facing educators throughout the state. Lawmakers will keep debating and proposing, but perhaps a deeper problem in the education debate lies not in any one policy, but in the fact that changes proposed by legislators are directly affecting students throughout the nation, as schools continue to churn out graduates, and the generally unintended consequences that lawmakers’ decisions have on the individual student are seldom noted until it’s too late.

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