Education Reform The Current Course Structure Of The Spanish Department At Madera High School

Education Reform The Current Course Structure Of The Spanish Department At Madera High School

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As a former student of Madera High school I enjoyed my learning experience with the exception of one subject. Being part of the central valley, being able to communicate in Spanish and understand Spanish is of the utmost importance. For students not fluent in Spanish, taking Spanish classes in high school is an important resource at their disposal. That being said, there is currently a problem with the Spanish department at Madera High. Other language courses at the high school have stricter rules and regulations when compared to that of the Spanish classes. With the current course structure set for the Spanish department, it is inefficiently teaching students Spanish that can be used in a real world environment. I propose that the Board of Education reform the current course structure of the Spanish department by improving the class environment and course work in order to obtain better results from these classes.

Knowing Spanish in today’s job market puts applicants at a huge advantage. California has the highest number of Hispanics in the country and with such a high concentration here in the Central Valley; you would do a great justice by providing your students with every advantage that you can give them. The school board would greatly help their students if they could structure the class so students could come out speaking Spanish well enough to be able to land a job that requires bilingual speakers. However, as the department stands now, it is very difficult for students learn a language that efficiently enough to do so. As a consequence, they can be missing out on future opportunities. The board has an obligation to the students to provide them with the proper tools to succeed and in our valley knowing Spanish is one of t...

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...result in slipping grades which can reflect negatively on Spanish department and the school as a whole. People need to view the Spanish classes at the high school more as a language class if there is to be better results.

The Spanish department currently has some drawbacks in its pacing and standards. This is also leading to a detrimental learning environment hindering the effectiveness of the Spanish Department. With Spanish being such a big influence here in the valley and California it would benefit all parties if there were some type of reform in the Spanish department. I know the school board has the power to make the necessary changes in order to improve these conditions. By the time students leave the Spanish series they should be able to use what they learned in class to the real world. I hope the board can see the importance of improving the Spanish courses

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