Education Reform And Its Effect On My Problem Of Practice Essay

Education Reform And Its Effect On My Problem Of Practice Essay

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As I began to research history of education reform and its effect on my problem of practice, a conversation with Dr. Robert “Bob” Slavin came to mind regarding a name for a blog he was considering writing for Education Week. As I reflect back on our conversation, I remember asking Bob to explain his Blog title “Sputnik: Advancing Education Through Innovation and Evidence” and its relationship to his contributions towards the educational reform movement over the past 30 years. Although Bob defined it well, it hasn’t been until this course that I finally understand his intention. Without the 1957 launch of Sputnik, the US had not been put in a place to define or defend the significance role that education plays in our nation’s success. Up to this point, the US had never had to address the education systems deficiencies and target specific goals for improvement.
As a result [of Sputnik], the U.S. Office of Education passed the National Defense Education Act (1958) [to address these deficiencies]. One year later, educators from across the country met at the Woods Hole Conference (Bruner 1962) to discuss shortcomings in American education and target specific goals for improvement (Mark and Gary 2007). According to Mark and Gary, this conference “was the beginning of a new trend—the unified efforts . . . toward the general improvement of education” (2006, 386) (as cited in Branscome, 2012).
This example provides the context in which I will further explain how significant events have spurred educational reform efforts that have moved us to what President Obama has proclaimed “our generation’s Sputnik moment” (Obama, 2011). With a problem of practice related to leveraging ubiquitous technology to support the personalized learning needs o...

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...done at the local, state and federal level to stimulate more equitable inputs for schools serving poor children and children of color” (Bishop & Jackson, 2015). With billions of dollars poured into education over the past 60 years, it appears that the national spotlight on education and it’s many reforms may have over promised and under delivered (cite). With a continued focus on raising educational standards, expectations and accountability, have prior reform efforts led to a skeptic view towards public education? Maybe education itself is the reform of the future… If we continue to place a higher priority on educational research; best-practices can be applied that are proven to impact student achievement. This way we can create a sustainable change that learns from the political, historical, and longitudinal aspects of past efforts (Hargreaves & Goodson, 2006).

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