Education Opportunities For Persons Entering With A Four Year College Education

Education Opportunities For Persons Entering With A Four Year College Education

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The first topic recorded was to stay focused (for now) on the central mission i.e. continuing education opportunities for persons entering with a four year college education. With the approval of the board anyone with extensive knowledge of any social, moral, or financial value is welcome to participate as an advisor/supporter (only SERIOUS veterans will allowed to be members). There was some enthusiastic discussion about introducing the Academy to fellow veteran Nate Chapman. Another topic of discussion was the 501(c) (3).John has the knowledge of how to format this document based on budgetary costs and will look into this matter and discuss it at the next meeting. Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number is a requirement. The issues of membership dues are to be discussed at the next meeting Tuesday... John made some great points regarding the struggle in his current efforts to obtain his PhD. Points that can highlight the obstacles and pitfalls of continued education. The articles he encountered are indicative of the need for the Academy to have a component of a clearinghouse to access higher educational funding. One of the many points highlighted was employer support and its effect on educational achievement. Another important point that was discussed was the value of the support system. Who’s got your back determines the level of your response and genuine acceptance... It comes down to the question of which, do you trust your peer or someone you don 't know. The Faruq group develops a peer rapport and trusted relationship throughout the individuals’ participation in the college program, preparing them to meet and overcome the challenges of freedom and real citizenship. A bachelo...

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...logies of process development and Best Practices.
There was discussion regarding the debt incurred through online educational programs and it was determined that it was primarily a moneymaking venture
The media has demonized the incarcerated, stereotyping the ex-offender as incorrigible, once a convict always a convict. It was very well articulated that in this group of five ex-offenders there was hundreds of years of experience
The hidden agenda of capital gains via testing programs It was discuss. One of the examples used was the actual fact of this group’s existence of individuals who were considered to be at the very bottom of societal order and outside of the norms to become successful and insightful inside of the society because of our experience of both sides.
How objective is to become dually accredited subject matter experts and prison reform policy makers.

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