The Education Of The United States Essay

The Education Of The United States Essay

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The purpose of education in the United States is to provide a safe place for students to develop their minds artistically, emotionally, and intellectually. It is the responsibility of teachers, at every level, to provide that type of environment for the youth of America. The next John F. Kennedy, Neil Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey, or J. K. Rowling is sitting in one of the many classrooms across the nation. The truth is, it is America’s responsibility to teach them to strive for their fullest potential, and education is the only path to that destination.
The content area I have chosen to study is English. English is important because it teaches students how to articulate themselves by teaching them how to express themselves effectively. By teaching students how to read, write, and analyze what they have read or written, educators are teaching students how to express themselves and how to learn from what others have written before them. The study of English fulfills the purpose of education by providing students with a safe place to develop their minds artistically, emotionally, and intellectually without even leaving the classroom. Students can safely visit the colonial period in Great Britain by reading “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad. They can imagine a life of magic and mischief by reading “Harry Potter” by J.K.Rowling. By reading Shakespeare, one student may learn what true love is and one may even fall in love with poetry. Reading “The Outsiders” by Tulsa native S.E. Hinton may allow one student to see that it does not matter where they come from, and that they too can write a book. There is no better way to teach a student that it is ok to dream, to fall in love, to want to change the world, or to reach for your goals than ...

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...s, pedagogy, and policies. There is also plenty of professional reading for teachers available through books, online reading, and journals. I think it is also important, as an English teacher, to read and write and fall in love with the reason I chose this profession.
Education is the solution to many of the problems plaguing America. By providing a safe place for students to learn, Americans are investing in the future of our country. Educators must work with families and communities in developing a new philosophy around education that promotes its importance and allows students to fulfill potential they did not even know they had. Students need to know that the road to their future leads through their education and it is the job of the teachers of America, family members, and the community surrounding them to not only teach them that, but also provide it for them.

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