The Education Of Texas Children Essay

The Education Of Texas Children Essay

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Parents and Teachers have been concerned about the education of Texas children for many years and that worry still goes on today. The concerns is whether their son or daughter will get a proper education due to the Texas failing to deliver a proper public educational system. The reason many people believe it has failed to establish any public system of education, because it is not equal to all students, which seems to be redundant and keeps rearing its ugly head in Texas history. Public education has to meet the needs of Texas students and treat each student equally but in the past that has not been the case. Through flaws in the system like improper funding, an inept legislature and court system, which continues to have many effects on the Texas students, especially in low income areas.
The schools in low income areas have often been in a situation of unjust and fighting their way to a better education, while children in better schools enjoy the luxury of a solid education, which make many constitutionally uneasy and worried about the future of education. This is a principle that Texas has had with in the past, problems with funding the proper district and giving each child a fair education, which nowadays the idea of fairness in education is no longer a problem. The long line of school funding cases that expands back for more than thirty years the legislature and court systems still have not come to a conclusion. In Texas, the revenue for school districts is the property tax. Districts with expensive commercial property have high taxes, and other districts with lower tax bases have to enforce higher tax charges to increase money. Over the years, poor Texas districts struggle to maintain minimal education programs, while rich...

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...ensure the continued success of the Texas public education, Texas will need to confront the challenges that confront our education system today. These needs must be met, and balanced with insightful decisions on how to meet the people’s expectations on education and our children. New education policies are needed to focus on the issues directly affecting each district and its public education funding, not shifting the blame from one arm to the next. To fix the problem, Texas needs to examine the issues facing each district on education individually, with funding being tailored to each district, because unequal funding in education is only not desirable, but unconstitutional. The Texas education system can be constitutional if we aim at the objective of attaining educational fairness throughout all school districts. This is attainable in Texas if it is really desired.

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