Essay on The Education Of Students With Disabilities

Essay on The Education Of Students With Disabilities

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Principals are critical in the education of all students. Despite the well documented role that principals play in the education of students with disabilities (Hoppey & McLeskey, 2013), few have more than minimal knowledge related to these particular students. With respect to providing special education to students with disabilities, principals need to know and understand special education laws and the specialized instruction and inclusive educational practices that ensure students with disabilities have equity and access to high quality instruction (Christensen, Roberston, Williamson & Hunter, 2013). In the recent era of accountability that requires schools to demonstrate that every student is accessing college and career ready standards and demonstrates even higher levels of achievements, principals can struggle with accountability for students with disabilities within a school environment of limited resources and competing priorities (Bays & Crockett, 2007; Wakeman, Browder, Flowers, & Ahlgrim-Delzell, 2006).
Patterson, Marshall, and Bowling (2000) found that principal preparation programs need to address the leadership requirements necessary to address the numerous issues surrounding students with disabilities. There is little or no preparation in principle preparation programs for special education (Robicheau, Haar and Palladino,2008). Many principals lack sufficient knowledge on what inclusive instructional opportunities should look like in their schools and how to make positive changes for special education in their schools. The lack of knowledge impacts their ability to be more facilitative with inclusive practices as a part the school culture.
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law ensu...

... middle of paper ... children (USDOE). CEC expressed concern with the schools ability to meet the mandates of the IDEA without knowledgeable and trained personnel to ensure the services that are needed services are being provided. It will be difficulty for many principals, who are not knowledgeable about the law, to effectively implement IDEA mandates if they lack the resources to be compliant. There is a significant shortage of special education teachers in the United States. CEC emphasized that the success of special education depends on specially trained personnel to help student be successful inside and outside of school. Without the trained personnel, schools and school districts will have difficulty meeting the federal mandates. Principals require adequate knowledge on IDEA mandates and access to highly qualified staff to support the implementation of special education services.

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