Essay about Education Makes Life Better!

Essay about Education Makes Life Better!

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Acquiring education is one of the most critical aspects of a person’s life. It should be seen as vital as the air we breathe. The key to a healthy mind and a successful person is learning. “Without education, you’re not going anywhere in this world” is a famous quote by Malcolm X. His quote reiterates that the competitive world makes it essential for us to have a proper education since it will serve as our weapon to conquer the world. Education will help a person grow as an individual because a highly knowledgeable person will have a better grip on handling any problem that comes his or her way. Literacy is the foundation of what we are as individuals. Every decision we make, as well as our thought process, is the basis of what we know. Gaining knowledge gives us pleasure as well as boosts our morale. Education should be part of everyone’s life because it is one of the most precious possessions a person could ever have that can open doors and facilitate the pathway for future achievement and economic successes. However, Americans are faced with many hurdles that create this intellectual trouble.
One of the hurdles that we encounter with education is the way school is perceived by people. Americans have lost their desire to learn; very often we hear phrases like, “school is boring” or “school is a lot of work,” among students. Children in school today would much prefer to be somewhere else. These students would rather be out with their friends or cavort around their home or anywhere but school. Now, when in school, they fail to remember the main reason why they are there. These results in many students avoiding school and sometimes do not bother to show up at all. According to U. S. Department of Education National Center for ...

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...n life; a person should also have the skills to be a leader, to be highly educated and never leave at the sight of a problem. Educated people are looked upon for guidance. Education is also your way to your success. An ideal education will not be possible if one of these three components is missing; they are: parents, teachers and students. The child, the parent, and the teacher should always work together to create and maintain a perfect educational system. I truly believe that my success is dependent on the choices that I make in life and the people that influence me growing up.

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