Education Issues And Trends ( Two Double Spaced Pages ) Essay

Education Issues And Trends ( Two Double Spaced Pages ) Essay

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VI. Education Issues and Trends (two double-spaced pages)
A. What do you consider to be the major issues in public education today? Address one in-depth, outlining possible causes, effects and resolutions.

I believe there are several major issues in public education: poverty, national and state funding, lack of parental involvement, standardized testing, class size, etc….. While I thought about these issues, I realized I have no control over any of those issues so I am going to address the major issue I confront in my classroom each day: student engagement.
Marc Prensky, states, “Consequently, game generation children can process information faster than the previous generations. Older generations, however, are used to doing one task at a time in an organized fashion. Since game generation children are used to twitch speed or performing at a fast speed, they expect schools and the workplace to be the same. However, this is not the case. Teachers lecture in a slow manner to make sure the students understand each step. Often the children who play video games the most, disrupt the class because they are bored. Students have changed but have the teachers changed to accommodate the new learners´ needs?” In my classroom the answer is YES. YES, I have changed the instructional delivery and am observing a tremendous amount of growth in student engagement and academic success in my classroom.
The journey began with my goal to help students understand their level of understanding, expectation taught in whole group, I trained my students to evaluate their understanding: The red dot symbolized – “I have no idea what you just taught, but I listened.” Yellow - I think I understand but I am not sure, stop by and check my work. Green - I...

... middle of paper ... our home. My dad worked many hours of overtime, my mom spent countless hours working as a secretary and taking care of my grandmother while my older sister had her own life. Each morning, Mrs. Mary Sieber, my teacher greeted me with a smile, a hug, and words of encouragement. She allowed me to stay after school with her on days I needed to talk. She made a difference in my life and is the main reason I am a teacher today. Did she or I realize the difference she made in my life when I was in sixth grade? Probably not! But, when I was hired at Owens Elementary, I contacted her first to share the good news! When she retired from Bell Elementary, I sent her flowers and wrote a letter explaining the difference she made in my life. I was one of the starfish, tossed back into the water. Can educators make a difference in the lives of their students? Yes, we can!

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