Essay on Education Is The Source Of All Power Allowing People

Essay on Education Is The Source Of All Power Allowing People

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Education is the source of all power allowing people to achieve any dream they choose. A person without a true education is nothing more than an empty shell living an empty and pointless life. The process of education begins at conception and the human mind continues to learn until the time of their death but most lessons are learned in the first five years of life. When the topic of education is discussed it isn’t how much is needed but how best to provide the education. The need for high quality education is typically agreed upon; how best to provide that education is not as easily as settled. The line in the sand has been drawn with neither side willing to back down and possible casualties are the children.
To home school or not is the decision facing every parent and unfortunately there is no right or wrong answer. On the surface the differences are blaringly obvious but with America’s test scores in a free fall and the standard educational system broken homeschooling is becoming a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. In one study it is estimated that homeschooling has increased by 62% within just the last decade and the increase is estimated to be between 2% to 8% per year (Ray 1). The exact number isn’t known because not all states require the same registration requirements for homeschooling. For instance, in Arizona, the parent only needs to send a letter to the district stating the intention to homeschool a child in order to be in compliance with the law.
In 2012 the average cost to send a child to school for one year it cost the government $10,615 but not every state invested the same amount of money per student. If that statistic isn’t scary enough in the same year a student educated in Utah cost $6,00...

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... with traditional school settings is how to stop bullying while many parents say that bulling is yet another reason to home school their children.
Parents, experts, government leaders, and teachers all agree the American school system is broken how to fix it is a discussion that needs to be continued. While home schooling solves many of the problems facing today’s students it isn’t an option for all families. The differences between standard and home schooling are clear cut but repairing the crumbling educational system in America isn’t an easy problem to solve. Choosing how to school your child is one of the most important decisions a parent can make and neither option is the right one for everyone. Unfortunately, the losers of the failing system are the same ones we, as parents, are trying to protect and this isn’t a war American children can afford to loose.

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