Essay on Education Is The Most Powerful Tool

Essay on Education Is The Most Powerful Tool

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After reading both essays from two different authors, the readers learned that education is the most powerful tool that is valued more than anything else, and they should use all the chances they have to study. Malcolm X believes that education is an invaluable wealth and power, but before he got a dictionary, he never heard of this knowledge that is available for him because the environment he used to live in does not have the condition for him to learn these things. K.C. Cole believes everyone should have an equal opportunity for this power tool as well. In their essays“Learning to Read” and “Hers”, Malcolm X and K.C. Cole writes to inform the readers that education is a very important thing in their life and it will last with the forever, but not everyone have the equal chances to know this knowledge.
The essay “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X has a very important message that knowledge is the greatest power you can get, so everyone should use all their chances to learn. In his essay, he claimed that he was surprised about all the knowledge that is available to him after getting a thing as simple as a dictionary. He says that he was “immensely proud to realize that not only had I written so much at one time, but I’d written words that I never knew were in the world.” Malcolm uses personal experience to emphasize the power of knowledge and how excited he was when he first learned this new knowledge. After knowing a lot more knowledge that he did not know before, he thinks it’s not fair that he never have the access nor the ability to know these things existed. In the essay, Malcolm also said, “the teaching of Mr. Mohammed stressed how history had been “whitened”. When white men had written history books, the black men simply ha...

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...e pressure from the society prevented this from happening. This is not how the current society should look like, we all have the rights to learn the information that we want and also are useful for our entire life.
In conclusion, both authors successfully creates and support their message in their essay through rhetorical techniques like personal experience and historical allusion. By using these techniques properly, they successfully supported their message in their essay. In the essay “Learning to Read”, Malcolm X successfully supported his message of everybody should use all the chances they get to study, because it is the only and most powerful tool you will ever receive in your lifetime, so did K.C. Cole. Her message that everyone should have an equal chance of studying the information and knowledge you want to learn is very crucial in the world we live in today.

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