Education Is The Most Important Thing Essay

Education Is The Most Important Thing Essay

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Education Done Right
“While modern education seeks only to propel a student toward the utilitarian goal of a successful career, the classical, Christian education seeks to nurture the whole person, preparing him to participate fully in all realms of this world and the next” (Classical 16).
Our education is the most important thing in our lives. It is our way of going out into the world and making a living and place for ourselves. It is not something we should take lightly. As we grow older, we are faced with having to decide which college to attend or even which school system to send our children to one day. When making this decision, we should examine all of our possibilities and which school will be the most beneficial in the future. There are two types of school systems we have to choose from; a Christian school and a Secular school. Though both would allow for someone to advance further into the real world with a great education, a Christian school would be the far more superior choice. Though many would disagree with attending a Christian school because of its high cost and many Bible classes, it is the only type of school system that gives the students the truth about life. And although many parents believe that it will only shelter their children from real world experiences, it is actually preparing them for the life ahead of them by sharing with them the truth about life in every aspect. By doing this, the students are not only bettering their own life, but bettering their walk with God which in turn will lead them down a road of success. A true Christian school cares for its students, and although it may have its downfalls, is still far more superior to a secular education because it betters the students’ education, wa...

... middle of paper ... in our education, it is unbeneficial to the students. It serves no purpose in teaching the students about the true meaning of life and leads them down a confused path with no feeling of purpose to their life. In order for children to grow up and become successful followers of Christ, they need to be led in the right direction from the beginning. As stated in Proverbs 22:6, a child should be raised up in such a way that they will not depart from it in their older age (Holy Bible). In order to do so, parents should send their children to a Christin school that cares for their students and want them to succeed. Their only goal is to make sure that the students grow as an individual and better their walk with Christ. A Christian school helps them to find their purpose in life and fulfill the Will of God and therefore will always be the more superior type of education.

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