Education Is The Most Important Purpose Of School Essay

Education Is The Most Important Purpose Of School Essay

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Every State and territory of the United States of America have schools. Education is offered to everyone in America and it is important in everyone’s life. Public schools offer education to all students regardless of race, gender, or status in the community. Preparing students to continue their education to obtain a high paying job and educate students to be responsible are the most important purpose of school in the contemporary American society.
Preparing students to continue their education is one of the main purposes of schools. In contemporary America students pursue a higher education to earn a career in what they have a passion for. Students set their personal goals to achieve a higher education. They work hard to be at the top of their class. In America, Education is offered to everyone regardless of their financial or economic status. Today, students are offered grants, scholarships, and parents can start a prepaid college fund to attend an institute that provide higher education. According to Martin Luther King Jr, Education must enable a man to become more efficient, to achieve with increasing their goals in life.
To prepare for higher education students attend and graduate from a high school. High schools are also known as secondary education. A student that graduates from high school and attend an institution that provides a higher education will be a successful student. However, only 32% of students are qualified to attend an institution that provides a higher education (Greene and Forster). In order for a student to be qualified for a higher education, the student has to follow the required curriculum and pass all the required classes. In Florida, high school students have to complete four English classes, four ...

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...on that provides higher education. After the student earn their degree, they are able to pursue career and get a higher paying job. However, not everyone is fortunate to earn a higher education because of their economic status. All children are able to attend school to receive an education, however, not all children can afford to obtain a higher education. Students that do not purse a higher education are sometimes get a low paying job. It has been proven that children that do not obtain an education do not succeed in life. Teachers have a vital part in a student education. The teacher guides the student on their educational goal and assist with any problems that may occur. Schools are offered to everyone in the United States of America and its territories regardless of their economic status, however, that does not mean the student is able to afford their education.

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