Essay on Education Is The Main Factor For A Brighter Future

Essay on Education Is The Main Factor For A Brighter Future

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In days like the ones we currently live in, education is known to be the main factor for a brighter future. Most of us are encouraged by our family and friends to continue our journey to a higher education after twelve dreading years of schooling. Many students may want to continue their lives in the path of education in order to expand their intelligence and earn a degree. Unfortunately, others may only go to college for a degree. Sad to say, having a degree in your major doesn 't technically mean that you will be provided with a career. So you might as well grasp the material that is being taught to you and learn something new. Some people have other interests in life and view an education as an unnecessary factor in their lives, they might have other dreams and goals to accomplish. However, the current main problem we have in our educational system would have to be the cost of attendance. Tuition has rapidly made its way up in the last twelve years. Tuition pricing is restraining students from continuing their path to higher education. Schooling is a multipurpose system that teaches us in plenty of ways, like individual enrichment, or fulfilling needs of society, the market, and/or the government.
School is a place where students can be educated, make friends, and learn new things. All of these things fall under someones individual enrichment. School and being schooled helps us to learn things we might have not known before. It encourages us to open our minds to new things, become more experienced. Sad to say, school isn 't primarily concerned on someones individual enrichment. In other ways, school falls under fulfilling the needs of society, the market, and/or the government. School should be focused on educating the childr...

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...e in the long run. It 's good to do what you love, and continuing to get s higher education doesn 't necessary mean stop doing what you love, but to look further into it and do something with it.
Yes, schooling and education are two completely different things, but they both do fall under the same category. Schooling is the action of training or educating someone and educations the process of being taught and learning. In most educational systems the students should be put first, but unfortunately they aren’t. They have other priorities that involve politics and money. There are adults and children who do want to be educated and are being held back by the poor educational systems that run our schools. Its important for us to receive an education in order for us to grow mentally and physically. Schools number one focus should be on the students and the students only.

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