Education Is The Knowledge, Skill, And Understanding That You Get From A University Or Trade School?

Education Is The Knowledge, Skill, And Understanding That You Get From A University Or Trade School?

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Education is “the knowledge, skill, and understanding that you get from attending a school, college, or university”. Education has and can be taught from either a university or trade school. Purpose can be defined as “the reason why something is done or used: the aim or intention of something”. Everyone and everything has a purpose in doing something in life, whether that purpose is to benefit yourself or by using your purpose to benefit someone else. When tying the two together, a person would have to contemplate why education matters, who it benefits and the impact it has in the world today, this will construct the true meaning and purpose of an education. The purpose of education is to achieve a higher position in the world, to instill life skills, and use that education to enlighten others after you.
Some consider the purpose of education to be an essential need for humans to be well equipped and educated, individuals then use this to rise above the poverty level and to teach others what they have been educated on. This keeps the cycle of education in rotation. Education brings knowledge, knowledge brings livelihood, so without knowledge, one is a helpless creature who knows nothing about the world and the purpose of the world. Without education, one is living a worthless life. W.E.B. DuBois states, “knowledge that will enrich their life experiences, as well as equip them to take on the challenges they will face for their future.” DuBois explains that education is an enrichment to a person’s life which can be used throughout one’s life. Today, education is used in this way to influence students in school but at home as well. In school, teachers provide students with the basic education to take them further in their occupation...

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...on is an important lifelong experience that essentially builds on a person’s intellectual being. The purpose of education is to obtain a higher position in the world, install life skills, and to enlighten others. these three aspect of education is used in people’s everyday lives. When obtaining a higher position, education gives people the power they need to be taken seriously by both educated people and it allows a person to be able to persuade an uneducated person in your favor. Education today, installs life skills because it opens a person’s mind up to new things and through these skills it allows people to mentally develop a more evolved mindset. Lastly, education allows people to enlighten others. Through education, one can teach another the skills taught to them, and open their minds to aspects of the world that they didn’t acknowledge before being education.

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