Education Is The Ideal Form Of Education Essay

Education Is The Ideal Form Of Education Essay

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Many studies have come out saying that children who are taught in their homes have better academic statistics. It has been shown that homeschooled children typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public school students on standardized academic achievement tests (Ray). This means that if this were in fact the case, home schooled student’s education is the ideal form of education, right? Well unfortunately, these studies are volunteer based because they can’t get every homeschooled child to take the tests, which means it is not a random sample of all homeschooled children, it is a sample of those who volunteer (Clemmitt 3). The CRHE states, “What these studies show is that homeschooled children in wealthier, better educated families with driven and motivated parents tend to score well above the public score average, as should be expected.” The only reason you would volunteer, or volunteer your child is if you knew their education was at a higher level, because if it wasn’t it could potentially get the parent in trouble, and no parent would put themselves in that situation. They are comparing the academics of some volunteer home schooled children, to all public schooled children, so the question stands, are homeschooled children better educated? We may never know.
The main reason there are no tests showing the academic standing for all homeschooled children is because the government doesn’t actually have a way of testing homeschooled children. In fact, the government doesn’t even have a real number of how many homeschooled children there are because in a lot of states, they aren’t required to report it at all. Jessica Huseman, a senior reporter for Pro Publica shows in her article Homeschooling Regulations by State that 11...

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...oling parents focus on the curriculum for regular classes so much that they don’t include elective classes, which doesn’t allow the child of developing other talents. These are things that homeschooling parents need to take into consideration for their child before considering the idea of homeschooling.
So will home schooling make all children “barely literate” like Melinda and her siblings? Definitely not. Will it make every homeschooled student succeed above all other public schooled students? Definitely not. Homeschooling is as diverse as the child is. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to educating children (Ray). There are benefits to both homeschooling and public schooling depending on the child’s needs, but for the majority of children, public schooling will be a great way to get a proper education while learning skills necessary for development.

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