Essay on Education Is The Foundation That The World

Essay on Education Is The Foundation That The World

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Education is the foundation that the world is built on today and without education the world wouldn’t be nowhere near where it is right now. As time goes on the foundation get bigger and even more advanced. As the development of writing started in about 3500 B.C. according to, education has grown ever since. Education has come a long way since the development of hieroglyphics and writing on papyrus to make scripts. The United States prides itself on education and it is a really big subject in our nation. Everything that we have and all these items that we have today is because of education. In this essay I am examining the word education by defining it, discussing why it is so important for the world, and tell about how people generate it in the U.S.
On education is defined as “The action or process of teaching someone especially in a school, college, or university: The knowledge, skill, and understanding that you get from attending a school, college, or university: A field of study that deals with the methods and problems of teaching”. As a student I would say that “the knowledge, skill, and understanding that you get from attending a school” would be the best definition of education. Education can be broken down into sections such as teaching which would be educating, learning in school which would be getting an education, learning by observation, learning for job purposes, learning by lessons, and the list goes on. If a student acquires knowledge from his or her school then that would be considered as getting their education. Getting an education does not just happen inside of a classroom. Educating your mind is essentially just the concept of learning and a person can learn new things out on ...

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...eople can further their educations and get higher education past a high school diploma. President Obama and the white house has billions of dollars invested in the education of the United States. We are trying to make it more affordable for people to go to college and proceed a degree. Also the united states are trying to stop people from dropping out of school and they have succeeded very much over the past few years. To generate more education in the United States, I would say that we need to lower the price of college and not make it to where people have to come out of college and already pay debt.
Education is the key part of the world’s success, and if we didn’t have it we would be living like back in prehistoric times. As education leads to new innovations in the world, the world will continue to get better. Education will never end; it will only get better.

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