Education Is The Foundation Of Society Essay

Education Is The Foundation Of Society Essay

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Most people would agree that education is the foundation of society. A solid education generally leads to a better life. Numerous studies have proven that college graduates earn significantly more than those without a degree. Aristotle refers to an educated mind as able to entertain thoughts without accepting them, meaning educated minds think independently. In the modern educational setting, how difficult is it for students to successfully succeed to that next level described by Aristotle?
Education is a vital tool for lifelong success but there are many areas of concern in the current system of public education. Education reform has been a constant occurrence since the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Every year, specialists develop new systems and methods for measuring classroom success. The result is a broken system that pits students and teachers against parents while schools compete. Another major issue is school funding. Valerie Strauss (2014) conducted a study comparing state funding for public education, which determined unfair funding in the majority of public schools located in urban settings. These are just two issues facing schools today.
The most prominent issue in public education is poverty. A 2006 nationwide study revealed that students enrolled in Title I Programs had lower levels of engagement than students who didn’t attend lower income institution (Yazzie-Mintz, 2007). Poverty has a direct effect on students’ behavior and emotions. It also has an impact on their perception of education. The causes of poverty include divorce, substance abuse, lack of education or being born into low income culture. Other factors include declining job markets or simple misfortune. Regardless of the cause, stu...

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...authority of the classroom is the teacher, it’s important to include students in establishing the environment. Positive reinforcement is crucial with all three steps to constantly remind students and help to create a sense of ownership instead of dictatorship.
Unfortunately, poverty is an issue that is widespread with no anticipation of ending. However, while in school, our students can escape the world of poverty for a few hours each day. Every student deserves to walk into an environment that is positive. Every student, regardless of their fiscal situation is in need of a person to patiently guide and redirect them when mistakes are made. Most of all, poverty can be addressed by a teacher who genuinely has a passion for the students. All of the money in the world can never replace a smiling instructor shouting “Good Job!” to a child who has nothing at home.

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