Education Is The Foundation For All Aspects Of Life Essay

Education Is The Foundation For All Aspects Of Life Essay

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Education should provide lifelong learning and a variety of learning styles for students to obtain from the teacher. Education is the foundation for all aspects of life. Education to me is more than textbook knowledge; it is also personal life skills gained in the classroom. I know that it is a teacher’s job to cover the curriculum but I also believe that it is the teacher’s responsibility to develop the whole child. By this, I mean that the teacher should be concerned with a child’s emotional, mental, physical and cognitive abilities. School is more than just a building where the fundamental subject areas are taught, it is a place of growth and learning. Here is where a child learns to socialize, respect others and develop a sense of high self-esteem and internal locus of control. In addition, school is a place where a child learns discipline and responsibility to function in his ecological system. As a future educator, my pedagogy will not be limited to a typical teaching style but that of an authentic teaching style.
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Education is more than just teaching, it is caring, loving and communicating. Open lines of communication need to be present between parents, teachers and principals. When everyone is involved, the development of the whole child will take place. Education should instill lifelong learning opportunities for students and give students the necessary tools they need in order to obtain new information. Education is used to apply the core curriculum to future endeavors to prepare students for the job market. Students should be educated to become productive members of society.
Educating a person allows them to achieve goals in their lives. Not only should education p...

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...he teachers to see where they fall behind at and develop instructional strategies to get students where they need to be.
In the classroom, I want to cultivate the minds of my students so that they are equipped with knowledge to be able to rationalize the world and instructional ideas that are given to them. This will allow them to be productive in the world and grow. Students will acquire new skills to allow them to approach difficult problems by being given a critical mindset to produce effective solutions. Differentiated instruction includes teaching and reaching out to students with varying disabilities by adapting learning skills that are individual to the student based on their readiness, modalities and interest (Ackermen, 2012). By implementing differentiated instruction into the classroom teachers are opening the doors to new ways of teaching and learning.

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