Education Is The Foundation For A Better Community Essay

Education Is The Foundation For A Better Community Essay

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As undergraduate students, we believe ambition and determination are the two most prevalent qualities needed to establish and accomplish our goals. We also believe that education is the foundation for a better community. Application is the first step in working towards a goal, and the first step we took in becoming students here at San Diego State. Unfortunately, this step is not as obvious – or realizable – for many high school students living in lower income neighborhoods. Money is not the main issue for these students, they simply do not receive the same guidance or resources as their competitors. Public high schools can have one guidance counselor to manage the academic development for up to 1000 students. Thirty-eight percent of San Diego State 's undergraduates are low-income students, while only 11% of all four-year college enrollments are students from the bottom income quarter. These disadvantages prevent 400,000 qualified high school graduates from applying to four-year universities.
One hour of mentoring a week is an investment into the future of the community. Resources provided by Strive For College and our personal experiences create the best platform to connect and communicate with students. The information and skills learned in these online mentoring will help many students secure scholarships and grants, and enroll in college without debt. The education these students receive will increase their income by nearly $1 million over a lifetime and circulate back into the economy.
In order to mitigate the confusion felt by high school students transitioning into college, we plan to open a Strive for College chapter. . This national student organization was created to give public school students an equa...

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... educational skills that may not be taught within our classrooms. Students pursuing Education and Social Work degrees may be the primary beneficiaries of this program. This real world experience in education and counseling with ultimately help in finding a career. By bringing this chapter to the SDSU campus, we hope to expand the possibility of internship credit or university credit for dedicated mentors.
Moreover, Strive For College overall benefits the improvement and advancement of San Diego State’s overall school scores and image. Introducing a program which ensures a smooth transition for incoming students allows undergraduates to begin their university experience with less stress and more motivation to obtain a degree. Accepting more qualified low income students, broadens the opportunity for the community and raises the prestige of San Diego State University.

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